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Jerusalem Chimes - Art as a way of life

“Jerusalem Bells” was founded in 1988 in Jerusalem by the artist Ofer Rubin, born in Bat Yam in 1962, where he grew up and spent most of his days at the beach as a professional surfer and at the same time worked as a set designer in cinema and theater in Tel Aviv.
Following an unfortunate surfing accident, he had to undergo surgery on his cervical spine, and on the advice of the doctors, he was asked to stop surfing. Therefore, he moved to Jerusalem where he was hired at the “Caron Theater” while it was in the process of being restored.
His love and longing for the sea and the waves did not stop even when he was in Jerusalem, so he created a small wind chime for himself in the window of his room just to maintain a continuous connection with the sea and the waves. And so the first bell was born.

While doing it, he discovered that the bells help him improve the fine motor skills that were lost in his right hand following the injury and surgery. And at the request of friends, neighbors and family members he continued to make bells.
The demand for bells only increased as a unique manufacturer of tuned bells in Israel.

In 1989 he participated in the outdoor fair of the creator in Jerusalem for the first time.
To his great surprise the bells sold like hot cakes and Ofer realized that there was a high demand for his bells.
Immediately after the fair, he left the world of theater and became independent.

The name “Jerusalem Bells” was given during the stay in the city and the change that took place following the move from a decorator in Tel Aviv to a maker of bells in Jerusalem.

Together with Yael, the mother of his children, “Jerusalem Bells” moved to the Galilee, Kadita and Safed and finally found their place in the house next to the workshop in Rosh Pina, with family life intertwined in the process of making the bells.
Over the years “Jerusalem Bells” have become a brand that reflects maximum quality, durability, service, professionalism and precision in this field. Today we are exclusive in the field in Israel.

The extensive and professional experience and knowledge led to many projects, commemorative sites and environmental sculptures throughout the country, which play to this very day.
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In addition to the wind chimes, Ofer creates exclusive and amazing products such as the light returns, a point on the sand, infinity light and more.
which reflect the passion for creation and the spirit of the artist in his heart.

The true and only duty of man is to fulfill his destiny ...
And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho