Wind Chimes

“… a harp was hanging above David’s bed, as soon as midnight arrived, a northern wind came and blew upon it and it played of itself” …

Berakhot, 3, 2.

Each chime is designed with the utmost attention, with meticulous musical accuracy and durability for many years, thanks to the use of excellent materials: a full mahogany wood covered with varnish, waxed nylon threads and anodized brass Or aluminum ingots

We also repair the chimes that came out of our workshop and over the years need a doctor.

The names of  birds and flowers were given to the chimes out of our love for them. Any connection between their names and their sounds is random.

The sound of the chimes is determined by the nature and dimensions of the pipes and varies between high or low sounds according to the length, diameter, and thickness of the pipe material.

The chimes are directed according to a variety of musical scales and their sounds in the wind influences the emotional frequencies in the body and are considered to have a healing abilities . You can choose from a large selection of musical scales carefully selected and recommended by the artist and musician Gerhard Fankhauser  who even provided the knowledge of the sounds and their link to the movement of the planets in the sky.

The chimes are resistant to weather conditions and can be used indoors and outdoors, their melodies are random and according to wind strength.

In order to enjoy their gentle sounds, it is recommended to hang the chimes in a place where a light wind blows.

According to the wisdom of Feng Shui, wind chimes help to harmonize and purify spaces.

“The “Jerusalem chimes” will delight your life with Pleasant sounds, create a peaceful atmosphere and give you many years of musical pleasure.

“May the spirit always rest in your hearts”

Made with love- Offer Rubin