Regulation of corrections

Repairs will be made at the business only, and the product can be sent by mail
The amendment applies to products manufactured by “Jerusalem Bells” only and not by any other manufacturer
A product delivered for repair will be returned to the customer within a period of time that does not exceed 8 working days from the day the product arrives for repair
In the repair, the wooden parts and/or the wires will be replaced, if all the bell tubes are present
The product will not be repaired in case of loss of one or more of the metal pipes. The product must be sent with all the components it came with.
Return regulations

Returning items is possible in any of the following alternatives according to your choice:

Exchange for another item – the item purchased on the “Jerusalem Bells” website can be exchanged in accordance with the “Jerusalem Bells” policy.
Cancellation of the transaction for a refund – You can cancel the purchase of an item purchased on this site at any time from the date of placing the order until the end of 14 days from the date of delivery or from the date of receipt of transaction confirmation, whichever is later. After the date specified above, it is not possible to cancel the deal. Any credit will be transferred to the credit card on which the order was made only, and in accordance with the credit company’s schedules.
Cancellation of an order will be made by email to accompanied by a message to the phone: 054-5238754.
A condition for canceling an order as mentioned, is the return of the item to the company according to the conditions that “Jerusalem Bells” will determine, such as the method of delivery.
* Canceling the order before the product is sent to the customer will not incur an additional charge, and the funds paid for the transaction including the shipping fees will be returned to the customer. Financial credit will be given according to what is stated in the law.
* In case of cancellation of a transaction after the product has been sent to the customer and after receiving the goods at the “Jerusalem Bells” warehouse, a full monetary credit will be given. The cost of shipping out of the business will be deducted from the credit amount. The cost of shipping to return the item to the company is borne by the customer only. Such cancellation will entitle you to a refund of the cost of the item actually paid by you.
Updated repair price list.

Replacing the bell wires: from NIS 35 for a small and medium-sized bell and for large bells from NIS 100
*The price is for the threads themselves
The replacement of the wooden parts and the wires together are half the cost of the bell (according to the updated price list of the bells, it will be delivered by telephone in advance)
Terms of product liability.

All store products have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 14 days:

“Jerusalem Bells” take care of quality assurance according to the strictest standards available in the market, if a product arrived damaged from the factory, “Jerusalem Bells” are responsible for replacing/repairing the product if necessary.