Terms of use and purchase
1.1 This website was established by “Bells of Jerusalem” hereinafter “Bells of Jerusalem” or “the company”.
1.2 The website is owned by “Jerusalem Bells”, and is exclusively operated and managed by them.
1.3 The terms of use refer equally to members of both sexes, and the use of the masculine language is for convenience only.
1.4 The terms of use will apply to any use and purchase made by you on the website, and will form the basis of any discussion between you and “Jerusalem Bells”.
Therefore, you are requested to read the terms of use carefully before using the site. If you are not interested/agree that these terms will bind you, you are requested not to make any use of the website.
1.5 By placing an order and/or making a purchase through the site, you declare that upon performing the action you have read these regulations, and that you agree to all the instructions and conditions of these regulations, and that you or anyone on your behalf will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the site and /or Jerusalem Bells and/or the management of the website and/or any of its directors and/or employees, in all matters related to the provisions and conditions of these regulations.
1.6 Only a person/entity who is legally qualified to do so may use the website.
1.7 As a condition for using this website, you undertake to “Jerusalem Bells” not to use this website for any illegal purpose, and for any purpose prohibited by the terms, conditions and notices included in the terms of use.
Purchase items:
2.1 A wide variety of unique items created by the artist are offered for sale on the website.
2.2 The site is intended for making purchases for personal use only, including for the purpose of giving gifts and not for purchases with commercial characteristics. “Jerusalem Bells” reserves the right not to honor and/or cancel orders and/or purchases that, in its humble opinion and at its discretion, were made contrary to the aforementioned. Likewise, “Jerusalem Bells” has the right to take all legal measures at its disposal against violators of its rights.
2.3 The photographs appearing on the website are intended for illustrative purposes only. “Jerusalem Bells” makes every effort to ensure that the photographs reflect the characteristics of the items that will actually be delivered. However, there may be changes and/or inaccuracies originating from graphics problems, technique, use of computer monitors with different resolutions, use of different software, etc. It is clarified that “Jerusalem Bells” are not responsible for errors of any kind that may appear on this website, including errors in wording, errors in the description of the item, its price, etc. and they reserve the right to cancel an order that originates in error, as stated.
2.4 Items indicated on this website will be supplied by “Jerusalem Bells” provided that they are in stock at the time the order is placed. In the event that an item is sold out, “Jerusalem Bells” will make every effort to contact you with an offer to purchase a replacement item of a similar nature and price, and accordingly you will be given the option to change your order or cancel your original order.
2.5 “Jerusalem Bells” reserve the right to stop, at any time and without prior notice, the existence of any item in stock and/or its offer for purchase and/or the provision of any connections by them and you waive any claim and/or demand and/or A claim about it. Also, “Jerusalem Bells” does not guarantee that a certain item will be at a certain point of sale, even if such a point is specified on the website.
make an order
3.1 In order for “Jerusalem Bells” to be able to supply the products you ordered, your offer must be accepted and recorded in the website system in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the delivery of the products and your billing. For various reasons, malfunctions and disruptions may occur in the reception of your offer in the system. If you receive a message about incorrect content in the order details or a message about a malfunction that occurred in the system when the order was received, we recommend that you contact us directly by phone: 04-6930867
3.2 If incorrect identification information is provided when placing the order, we will not be able to guarantee that the products will reach you. In the event that the products are returned to us, due to incorrect details you provided, you will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Please make sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details. Submission of false personal information is strictly prohibited by law.
3.3 After you have confirmed your order, using the “send order” option, your order will be forwarded to the company for execution. From the moment the order is confirmed, as mentioned, the order cannot be changed and/or canceled by you except in accordance with the alternatives listed in the “Cancellation of Purchase” chapter (Section 8 of the Terms of Use). Your order will be confirmed by sending an e-mail message that will reach your address within 3-4 business days from the date of order confirmation. An order that has not been approved as stated, will not obligate “Jerusalem Bells”. The computer records of “Jerusalem Bells” only, regarding the actions carried out through the website will be prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.
3.4 After the review of your credit card details is completed and the credit card company’s approval to make the purchase is received, and if the item requested by you is in stock, your offer will be considered successful and “Jerusalem Bells” will work to supply the ordered item.
Price policy
4.1 The site management may update the prices of the products on the site and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice. The valid price in relation to the order placed is the price published at the time of completing the order process (which includes the delivery of credit card information).
4.2 The website management may offer promotions, benefits and discounts on the website. The website management may at any time stop these promotions, benefits and discounts, replace or change them, without the need to give any prior notice.
Means of Payment

5.1 Payment for the purchase of items on the website will be made exclusively through PayPal or a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating legally in Israel. “Jerusalem Bells” will not honor any other payment method.
5.2 If it turns out that the credit card used is not valid, or that the credit card company does not honor the transaction, or that PayPal (or any other available electronic wallet service) does not honor the charge, or that the requested product is not in stock at “Jerusalem Bells”, the management The site will contact you to complete or cancel the transaction.
5.3 When paying with a PayPal account, you will be asked to enter the details of your existing account on the PayPal website, or you can choose to open a PayPal account quickly. If you choose to pay using a PayPal account, “Jerusalem Bells” will be able to charge the payment for the products only after receiving approval from PayPal. The use and receipt of the authorization is subject to the terms of use and the privacy policy of PayPal, not of the website.
6.1 “Jerusalem Bells” undertake not to use the details of the customers registered on the website except for the needs of operating the website, and in order to enable the execution of the order and the transfer of information. The information we receive from you, including your personal details, is for billing and shipping purposes, so that you can order items from the website and receive them without mistakes. Your personal details, as well as the details of your purchases, will be stored in the site’s database in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, and will be used according to the provisions of this section or according to the provisions of any law.
6.2 “Jerusalem Bells” do their best to protect the integrity of your personal information received on this website and keep it confidential. When we transfer sensitive personal data, for example, credit card information (over the Internet), we protect it using SSL encryption technologies. Some of the services on the site require registration in which you will be required to provide personal details such as: your full name and your email address. Therefore, you hereby declare that these details are provided to the company of your free will and with your consent.
6.3 Upon registration for the ‘Customer Club’, your e-mail address will be added to the site’s mailing list and will give the company the right to use these details for the purposes of sales promotion, advertising and improving the services provided by “Jerusalem Bells”, if you wish to be removed from the mailing list, you may Remove yourself at any time.
6.4 When performing a transaction, you declare that the card through which the transaction is performed belongs to you, or to the corporation on whose behalf you are performing the transaction, that the card is valid and that you are authorized by any law and/or agreement with the credit card issuer to perform a transaction for the relevant transaction amount using the card. Also, making such a transaction constitutes a declaration that the details you entered into the registration interface are correct, complete, accurate and up-to-date.
6.5 Any material sent to the “Jerusalem Bells” website has a right to it because it is not confidential. By sending information and/or any other material through the “Jerusalem Bells” website and/or placing data on the website, you declare that: the rights to use and distribute that information and/or material are in your hands; to the best of your knowledge, no other person has rights to that information and/or or material; you authorize the company to use the information and/or other material subject to the provisions of this chapter.
6.6 The login details for your email address and other details about you are subject to the privacy protection rules detailed above, “Jerusalem Bells” will, as much as possible, avoid handing over your personal details to third parties knowingly, unless they are obliged to do so according to a judicial order or if they are faced with a threat that they will take Legal measures (criminal or civil) against them for actions you performed on the “Jerusalem Bells” website. In this case, “Jerusalem Bells” may disclose your details to the party claiming that they were harmed by you or in accordance with the provisions of the judicial order.
6.7 On the “Jerusalem bells” website there are links that point to other websites. We make an effort to link to websites that, to the best of our knowledge, do not violate the right to privacy, but we cannot be responsible in any way for the content and/or the level of privacy protection provided by the other websites, therefore we recommend that in any case of providing details, read the privacy policies of those websites and act accordingly.
6.8 By using the website and browsing it, you agree to the website’s privacy policy.

the supply of the products
17.1 Your order will be shipped within 1-4 business days after payment is made. The items are sent by registered mail or via a courier company, as determined at the time of the order by the customer. All deliveries allow tracking options.
7.2 The various items will be delivered within the country – by couriers or by Israel Post to the address you provided during the order, unless otherwise specified. To abroad – via EMS, Eco-Post or registered mail. Products delivered via Israel Post / International Mail will be sent subject to the delivery time by Israel Post / International Post and subject to the nature and conditions of service accepted by Israel Post / International Post. It is hereby emphasized that the delivery times of products that are not delivered by courier/registered mail cannot be controlled and you declare that you will not have any claim due to disruptions in delivery other than by courier.
7.3 If your order was not received within the deadlines listed above, please contact us: Shop – 04-6930867
Ofer – 054-5238754 or at the email address: jerusalemchimes@gmail.com‏
Canceling a purchase and returning items
8.1 What is stated in this section is subject to the Consumer Protection Law 1981 (hereinafter: the law).
8.2 “Jerusalem Bells” will exchange or accept back an item purchased through this website, according to the alternatives detailed below, only if they have not been used, in their original packaging and without damage and/or wear, along with the original invoice and everything accompanying the item when it is received by the customer . If the product was returned other than as stated in this section, the customer will not be credited (neither a monetary credit nor a credit voucher).
* “Jerusalem Bells” have the sole discretion regarding the condition of the returned goods.
* Without detracting from the generality of the above, it will be clarified that a product that has been customized cannot be returned or replaced, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.
For the purpose of returning the products, please contact us: Store – 04-6930867 Ofer – 054-5238754 or at

Limitation of Liability-
11.1 This website, including its content and the information that appears on it, any link to another website that appears on it, can be used quantity
They are (AS IS), without any commitment from “Jerusalem Bells”. Therefore, there is no representation on the website and/or in this document regarding the reliability, appropriateness, appropriate timing and degree of accuracy of the information, software, items, and graphics accompanying this website for any purpose. Therefore, you will not have any claim, demand, claim against “Jerusalem Bells” regarding the site’s features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to your needs and requirements.
11.2 In no case will it apply to “Jerusalem Bells” and/or any of its shareholders, directly and/or indirectly, and/or to a related company and/or an affiliated company and/or a subsidiary company and/or other entities that are part of a joint venture and /or partners and/or other entities that have substantial joint control and/or any of their shareholders, and/or company managers and/or company officers, as defined in the Companies Law, 5799-1999, directors, employees and/or its various suppliers Liability For direct, indirect damage, punitive damages, accidental, special or consequential damage, or any other damage of any kind, including but not limited to, damages for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, resulting from or related in any way to the use of the website This and/or its performance, delay in use or inability to use the site, supply or non-supply of services including data, text, images, video or audio, or any information, software, related items and related graphics obtained through this website, or resulting from any Another way of using this website, whether this is based on contract law and/or tort law, absolute liability or anything else, even if the company has been informed of the possibility of such damages. If you are not satisfied with any part of this website, or From one of the terms of use, the only and exclusive step available to you is to stop using the website.
The management of the site makes an effort to provide the customer with a proper and high quality service. At the same time, the website management does not guarantee that the service on the website will not be interrupted, will be provided as usual or without interruptions, will be held safely and without errors, and will be immune from unauthorized access to the website management’s computers, damages, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures – including malfunctions in hardware, software or lines The communication to the website – with the management of the website or with one of its suppliers.
11.3 “Jerusalem Bells” will not bear any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to you, including delays in the delivery of the items, as a result of events beyond its control, such as strikes or shutdowns, malfunctions in the computer system or telephone systems and/or communication systems, malfunctions in the electronic mail service, hostile acts and/or Force majeure (war, earthquake, weather, etc.), events that will affect the completion of the ordering process and/or the fulfillment of the delivery dates. In these cases, “Jerusalem Bells” may announce the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and cancel the obligation of the operation.
11.4 This website may contain links to websites that are not operated by “Jerusalem Bells”, but by other parties. These links are for your convenience only. The company has no control over these websites, and is not responsible for the content that appears on them. The inclusion of these links on this website does not mean approval of the material appearing in them, and they do not indicate any relationship with the operators of the said websites and any use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user.
11.5 The website management will not bear any responsibility in relation to messages received or sent through the website (including messages sent to customers by other users using the website services), the design of such messages or any computer file attached to them, the operation of any such file, its effect on the user’s computer And any damage, loss, inconvenience, emotional distress, etc., results, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the user or any third party due to messages received through the website’s services or sent through it.
Termination of use and indemnification
12.1 “Jerusalem Bells” retain their exclusive right to refuse to grant access to this website, or any part of it, to any user, including you, at their sole discretion and without prior notice.
12.2 “Jerusalem Bells” will be entitled to terminate the contract with you, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. Upon termination of the contract and/or its cancellation, you are required to immediately stop using this website.
12.3 “Jerusalem Bells” will be entitled to stop providing services to this website and/or stop operating this website, in whole or in part, at their sole discretion.

Law and judgment
13.1 This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Israel only.
13.2 You hereby agree that in any dispute arising from the use of this website or related to it, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Kiryat Shmona district will apply, and there will be the unique place of jurisdiction.

Change in terms and conditions
14.1 The prices of the products on the website, the terms of delivery, the shipping prices, the number of payments and any other data on the website are at the sole discretion of “Jerusalem Bells”.
14.2 “Jerusalem Bells” reserve the right to make changes, at any time and without prior notice, to the terms, conditions and notices applicable to the use of this website.
14.3 You undertake that the aforementioned changes will apply to you and they will bind you, immediately upon their introduction. Therefore, we recommend that you read the updated version of the terms of use of this website.