Projects and commemorative sites

The sound frequency activates many emotions and is therefore directly linked to memory.
The presence of a wind chime at the memorial site evokes life energies of movement and sound into a passive and quiet space, provides pleasant sounds and creates a sense of connection with the spirit of our loved ones.
In 2002, we were invited for the first time to hold a commemorative project in the establishment of “Tomer’s Corner” in Bein Gedi in memory of the late Tomer Ron.

Since then, more than a dozen projects in a similar style have been established across the country on a personal order adapted to the conditions of the area and to the request of the client or the architect.

It is important to us that each project receives maximum attention with sensitivity so that the family and friends feel that the bell is adapted to the atmosphere of the site precisely.
Each project individually and the sky is the limit.

For the establishment and planning of a project, a preliminary visit to the field and the accompaniment of an engineer during the work will be required.

of the projects over the years

Near gaza 2006

Jericho 2017

Dead sea 2002

The Golan heights 2016

Maanit 2017

Jerusalem 2016

Rosh pinna 2014

Katzir 2019