Goose Weathervane


Goose Weathervane

Shipping cost 42$ worldwide (except Israel)

The Goose Weathervane is an ornamental product for installation, made meticulously by hand which is used to decorate the yard or mutual spaces outdoors.

The Weathervane creates the illusion that the goose flies or runs on the surface of the water and its beak will always turn in the direction from which the wind blows!

The goose Weathervane is made of high-quality birch wood painted in acrylic-resistant dye, which protects UV rays to ensure durability over many years.

The product has been refined to the best level throughout the years in the technical specification that enables the best durability and beauty (adding bearings, high quality stainless steel production etc).

The product comes as a kit that includes goose Weathervane together with a stainless steel facility that allows easy installation for each user.

The size of the Weathervane is 60 cm and 60 cm long

The construction of the product came from the Amish sect, whose main source of income is manual labor & hand-made production, the goose Weathervane is a popular product among the members and among the local residents.


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Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise