Healing chime-“WAH-WAH”

Healing chime-“WAH-WAH”

A single-tap therapy chime . Suitable for relaxation at the end of a healing treatment, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

There are three notes and the sound of the product is similar to Tibetan bowl.

It is commonly believed that the human body consists of energy points (Qi) that each energy point has a certain frequency, the therapeutic healing chime produces sounds that can be adjusted to the patient’s frequencies in order to provide a special sense of relaxation.

The healing chime is hand-made and each chime undergoes strict quality control in order to provide the best product for the customer.

The chime comes in three sizes (lengths – 30,35,40 cm) and is ergonomically designed for optimal use.

The chime is used by therapists from all over the holistic therapeutic spectrum as an aid that enables concentration and relaxation; both for the individual and group treatment.

Price: 49$

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