Star of David Mobile

An African walnut (olive-look a like) wooden star of  David with a crystal.
Can serve as a wonderful gift and decorate the house in a Jewish atmosphere.

The combination of the crystal intensifies its power by creating a colorful rainbow ray of light when it hangs on a window and the sunlight shines through.

Price: 90$

(Price includes shipping)

Mobile Merkaba (Chariot mysticism symbol)

A Merkaba made of solid recycled wood combined with a crystal.

The chariot is a mysterious secret that has a high energetic atmosphere. It is a healing, cleansing and protection tool for the mind and emotional body. It encourages spiritual development and symbolizes, among other things, the connection points between the physical & spiritual worlds. A point of connection that is the source of infinite energy.
The combination with the crystal strengthens its properties and power.

Price: 83$

(Price includes shipping)