Perspective Art

Returning Light

This is an original candle lighting facility, the development of which began in 2002 and reached the final product today.

The effect created between the mirrors and candles triples the amount of candle light and creates a symmetrical shape that is engraved on the wood creating wonderful decorations such as a Mandala, star of David or lotus flower.

The visual effect of the candlelight combined with the mirror reflection provides an atmosphere of abundance, holiness and romance, and opens the heart.

The product is made of a precise and meticulous carpentry work.

It is 35 cm wide, 15 cm high and weighs about 650 grams

Model 303

Price: 118$

(Price includes shipping)

"Every man must know and understand that within himself a candle is lit, and his candle is not like his friend's candle, And no man without a candle, And every man must know and understand that he must work and reveal the light of the candle in public, and turn it on to a great torch and illuminate the whole world.
"Rabbi Kook"

Infinity Light

star of david, made of African walnut (Similar to olive tree), hand-made with mirrors combined with a candle between them, creating an endless effect of candlelight that warms the atmosphere of the house and gives a sense of infinite inner light.

  Merges beautifully with a meditative ritual space or as a facility for lighting a memorial candle.

The product is 35 cm wide and 35 cm long and weighs about 500 grams.

Model 304

Price: 130$