Kanarit – Canary ‎


Kanarit – Canary ‎

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Model No. 106
Weight: 330g
Length: 65Cm
musical scale: Japanese
Colors: Silver

This tuned wind chime is set according to a pentatonic, minor, ancient Japanese (ZEN) scale.
key note G#

The key note G#  is the frequency of the moon in its motion around the Earth for 29 days. The chime sound connects to cyclical female energy, sexual, emotional, affects the water in the body. It affects the emotions too- equivalent to water

The character of the Japanese scale: female, relaxing, mysterious, Also called MAGIC EROTIC.

The chimes musical notes

G# – A# – B – D# – E – G#

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Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 65 cm


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